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About 90210 Management

We are on a mission to help every client realize their potential. Whether your business is looking for talent, IP development, representation, experiential, licensing, broadcast partnerships, or a brand in need of strategic marketing, we empower you with bold, innovative solutions that spur ROI/ROO.


Our Methodology

Propelled by the team at 90210 Management and Palmer’s tenacious and innovative approach to marketing strategies and outside-the-box creative thinking, 90210 Management delivers unparalleled and measurable solutions for brands, companies, and talent.

Full-Service Innovation

Whether you have an individual, a product, or an idea to promote, we know precisely what to do and how to build the right team to make it happen.




Our clients benefit from our senior-level access across major film studios, television networks, production companies, talent agencies, endorsement firms, music management, touring agencies, and licensing and merchandising with top Fortune 500 brands to create organic media supported promotions.




We guide talent, brands, and businesses toward key opportunities, including maximizing exposure, agency representation, sponsorships, endorsements, pitches and IP development.




We provide baseline strategy, goals and metrics for refining your message, connecting with your audience, and delivering on the promise of your goals through media, influencers, innovative experiential and immersive marketing.




We work with you to create a multi-faceted plan for career expansion and market penetration that drives ROI and ROO.


Featured Work

We’ve worked with high-profile talent, studios, agencies and companies to establish brands and new kids on the block, IP holders and entrepreneurs, creative storytellers and distribution channels, and influencers and trendsetters.

Connect & Meet

90210 Management’s unique position at the intersection of talent, content, advertising, and experiential branding means that plans and partnerships that seem impossible are easily within our reach.


We’re excited to connect with you about your next project.


Meet the President & CEO

David Palmer is a widely respected, highly praised multi-faceted expert in marketing, licensing, advertising, IP and talent management.


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